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Insurance and Billing

Health Insurance

If a student has health insurance or pharmacy insurance information on file with the clinic, Thielen Student Health Center will bill the insurance company for any charges that the student incurred while at the health center. Any charges that are not covered by the insurance company will be transferred to the student’s u-bill.

Health and prescription insurance varies drastically not only by health insurance carrier, but also by plan. We highly encourage students to check with their insurance provider(s) ahead of time to ensure they will cover any charges for the visit to Student Health. We understand that health insurance is complicated and, at times, frustrating. We will do our best to help answer your questions, however the majority of the time, the health insurance company is the only one who can provide coverage information.

It is important to remember:

  • Check with your insurance provider before coming to Student Health to find out if you will be responsible for any portion of the charges.
  • Keep your current health and pharmacy insurance information on file with the health center, so that charges will be billed properly. If your parents or guardian changes jobs, this is a good time to make sure that you update your insurance!
  • Student Health is not a Medicare provider, and therefore, is not able to see patients with Medicare insurance.

Health Insurance Resources

Billing Process

All charges from Student Health will go onto the UBill an can be paid through the student portal Access Plus. Charges for services provided at Student Health can be billed to your health insurance carrier and pharmacy prescription insurance. If choosing to have services billed to insurance first, the remainder of your fee will go directly onto the UBill.

However your student can come to Student Health and pay the owed amount directly to us. When that amount is paid he/she can request a receipt for your FLEX money (or use a FLEX debit card). Then the UBill will be credited for the amount that has been paid off, and therefor will zero out the following month.

Billing Questions

For questions about billing for services provided at Thielen Student Health Center, you may also call the Insurance & Billing Department directly at  515-294-7523. Also, feel free tostop by the Insurance and Billing desk during clinic hours. The desk is located near the reception counter at the health center.

The student health fee ensures the availability of high quality and accessible health care to the Iowa State student community by helping support the overall costs of the health center. However, the health fee is not health insurance, nor does it provide free access to health care.