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Iowa State University is committed to student wellness. In collaboration with our campus and community partners, we strive to foster a healthy campus environment and support the academic success of our students.

Health issues that are focused on include high-risk drinking and sexual and interpersonal violence. We use the Environmental Management approach and the 3-in-1 Framework to inform our decisions and guide our efforts for maximum impact.

Environmental Management

Environmental management seeks to bring about behavior change through multiple channels, both promoting positive behaviors and norms and also discouraging high-risk behaviors. It encompasses a range of activities, including:

  • Environmental change including policy changes at both the campus and community level
  • Early intervention programs aimed at students displaying signs of distress
  • Awareness activities for groups known to be at higher risk for engaging in problem behaviors
  • Health protection programs that aim to minimize the harm incurred by problem behavior.

Prevention Services Three in One Framework

3-in-1 Framework

The 3-in-1 Framework is based upon over ten years of research, conducted by the US Department of Education’s Higher Education Center (HEC). It notes that successful interventions for health behaviors occur at three distinct levels.



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